Cardholder Fees

Fee Category Fee Type Amount
Getting Started: Card Activation Fee $0.00
Monthly Service Charge $0.00
Card Usage: POS Signature Purchase $0.00
POS Signature Declines $0.00
POS PIN Purchase $0.00
POS PIN Decline $0.00
Adding Funds: Direct Deposit $0.00
Visa® ReadyLink Load $1.00
Getting Cash: All U.S MoneyPass® ATM Withdrawal $0.00
ATM Withdrawal $2.50
All U.S MoneyPass® ATM Balance Inquiry $0.00
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
ATM Decline Fee $0.00
Over-the-Counter Cash Advance Fee $4.00
POS/PIN Cash back $0.00
International Transactions: Currency Conversion 3%
International POS Signature Purchase $0.00
International POS PIN Purchase $0.75
International ATM Withdrawal $4.00
International ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
International ATM Decline Fee $1.00
Sending Money: ACH Transfer from Card to Bank Account $3.00
Card to Card Transfers $1.00
Account Information: Balance Inquiry via Internet or Phone $0.00
SMS / Email Alerts $0.00
Electronic Statement $0.00
Online Account Access $0.00
Paper Statement $5.00
Other Fees: Refund Check Issuance $0.00
Stop Payment Fee $0.00
Inactivity Fee $3.00
Bill Pay Transactions $1.00
Replacement Card (New card, new card number) $3.00
Reissue Fee (New card, same card number) $3.00